UKSim 7th International Conference on

Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation


St Catherines College, Oxford, England


29 - 31 March 2004




SUNDAY 28 March

PM: Arrival & Get together

5pm-6.30pm: Registration

7.30 Reception & Hot Buffet


MONDAY 29 March

9.00am: Welcome & Opening Remarks


9.15 - 10.15 am Session-A: INVITED PAPER

Chair: David Al-Dabass

04-20: The Long and Short of Steering in Computer Games, Simon L. Tomlinson, email.


10.15am COFFEE


10.45am - 12.45pm Session-B: ANALYTICAL & STOCHASTIC MODELS

Chair: Khalid Al-Begain


04-05: Embedded System Performance Prediction Through Ismene, Gaius Mulley, email.


04-02: Statistical Analysis Of An Air Traffic Control Problem, A R Brentnall, R C H Cheng, A Drew, email


04-19: Planar Contact Contour Plotting Using Spatial Methods, Peter B Dixon, email.


04-23: Accelerated Simulation Method Involving Markovian And Self-Similar Traffic Sources With Non-Fifo Scheduler, Sharifah H. S. Ariffin And John A. Schormans, email.



12.45pm LUNCH


1.30 - 3.30 pm Session-C: INDUSTRY & DEFENCE

Chair: Richard Zobel

04-27: Holistic Design Analysis, Stuart Chandler, email.


04-03: A Reusable Distributed Environment for Nuclear Power Plant Simulators,

Manuel Diaz, Daniel Garrido, email.


04-22: Simulation Methods for Prioritising Tasks and Sectors of Surveillance in Phased Array Radars,

S.L.C.Miranda, C.J.Baker, K Woodbridge, H.D.Griffiths, email.


04-11: A Closed-Loop Temperature Control System By Utilizing A Labview Custome-Design Pid Controller, Mohammad A.K. Alia, Mohammad K. Abu Zalata, email.


04-01: Anticipating Critical Events to Customise and Improve the Performance of Federation Runtime Infrastructure, Romeo Bandinelli, Mauro Iacono, Alessandra Orsoni, email




3.30pm TEA


4.00 - 5.30 pm Session-D: HEALTH & HUMAN MODELS

Chair: Russell Cheng


04-25: Workforce Modelling In Healthcare, Naomi H. Powell, Paul R. Harper, email.


04-28: Incorporating Behaviour In Health Care Discrete Event Simulation Models, Jennifer Sykes, Paul Harper & Sally Brailsford, email.


04-14: An Intelligent Systems Model of the Piano Tuner, Jack Saunders, Alan Battersby, David Al-Dabass, email.



7.30 Dinner in Hall


TUESDAY 30 March



8.30 - 10.15am Session-E: NETWORKS & TOOLS

Chair: John Pollard


04-06: Generalised Analysis of Buffer Management in Heterogeneous Multi-service

Mobile Networks, Khalid Al-Begain and Irfan Awan, email.


04-08: Modelling A Single Gsm/Gprs Cell With Delay Tolerant Voice Calls Using Mosel-2, P. Wuchner, K. Al-Begain, J. Barner, G. Bolch, email.


04-13: Distributed Data Models Using Xml Based Client Server Communication And Soap, Esther Boal, Taha Osman, D. Al-Dabass, email.


04-26: Vissim Presentation And Its Use For The Refinery Plant Process Control Engineering, Adam Knight, Samir Khan And Edward Dilley, email.



10.15am COFFEE


10.45 - 1.15pm Session-F: DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS

Chair: Khalid Al-Begain


04-15: Using K-Shortest Paths Algorithms To Accommodate User Preferences In The Optimization Of Public Transport Travel, Qiujin Wu, Joanna Hartley, email.


04-18: A Strategy For Tuning The Performance Of Distributed Shared Memory Systems, Mohamed Khalil and Evtim Peytchev, email.


04-17: Auto-Sensing And Distribution Of Traffic Information In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Michael Thomas, Evtim Peytchev, David Al-Dabass, email.


04-21: Dynamic Source Routeing in Bluetooth Personal Area Networks, A.B.Mirza And J.K. Pollard, email.


04-24: An Elliptic Curve Cryptographic System Design Tool With Application To Distributed Simulation, P.H. Roberts and R.N. Zobel, email.



1.15pm LUNCH



2.30-7.00pm Oxford Tour/free time


3.00: Committee Meeting


7.00pm Sherry Reception

7.30pm Conference Dinner





8.45 - 10.30am Session-G: FAST NETWORKS & APPLICAITONS

Chair: John Pollard


04-07: A Discrete-Time Performance Model for Congestion Control Based on Random Early Detection Using Queue Thresholds, L. Guan, M. E. Woodward, I. U. Awan, email.


04-09: An Adaptive QoS Management Scheme for Interworking Cellular and WLAN Networks, Xin Gang Wang, Geyong Min, John E. Mellor, Khalid Al-Begain, email.


04-30: Simulation Of Network Systems Based On Loop Flows Algorithms, Corneliu Arsene, Andrzej Bargiela And David Al-Dabass, email.


04-10: The Broadband Platform: Streamed 3D Interactive Mixed Media in the Home, M. Price, B. Weir, email.



10.30pm COFFEE


11.00am - 1.00pm Session-H: MAN-MACHINE SYSTEMS

Chair: David Al-Dabass


04-16: A Hybrid Genetic Alternative To Game Tree Search In Go, Julian Churchill, Richard Cant, David Al-Dabass, email.


04-12: Depth Of Field Algorithms For More Realistic Simulations, Daniel Rhodes, Richard Cant, David Al-Dabass, email.


04-04: A Simple, Cheap, And Effective Lower Limb Prosthesis For Use By Landmine Victims In The Third World, G. Pearce, K. Kibble, M. Zorn, email.


04-29: Discrete Entity Simulation In Industry, Neil Bowerman, email.



1.00pm CLOSE & LUNCH