Asia Modelling Symposium2011

5th Asia International Conference on

Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation

23 May, Kuala Lumpur and 26-27 May, Manila


Two methods of payment are available on EDAS:

Credit Card: payment is accepted online and confirmation is instant.

Wire/bank Transfer: in this method you indicate on EDAS your intension to pay by transferring the registration fee from your bank to EDAS bank. EDAS will then display the bank details. You need to get a hard copy of EDAS bank details and take them to your bank and instruct your bank to do the transfer.


Whether paying by credit card or bank/wire transfer, kindly do it on EDAS so we have a record of who registered and who has not.


Here is the procedure:


1. go into EDAS and click on Register yellow tab at the top, a list of conferences will appear

2. Scroll down to AMS2011 line and click on the extreme right green money symbol at the end of this line, a new page will appear

3. click on the extreme right button (Trolley symbol) after USD 595, a new table will immediately appear under a new line “Registered, but no paid”.

4. Under this table a list of credit card symbols and SWIFT symbol (wire transfer) will appear. Click on the credit card symbol if paying by credit card, or the SWIFT symbol if paying by wire/bank transfer. 


5. If you choose credit card, a new page will appear, enter all card details, scroll down to the bottom and click Pay for Registration


6. If you choose wire transfer, a new page will appear, enter your details in the box ‘Address on receipt’, select ‘Date paid’ and put your paper ID in the box ‘payment notes’ then click on ‘Pay for registration by wire’.  EDAS bank details will appear on a new page with an ‘invoice number’ in the top line of the text on the yellow box, for example  8021-145004.  Print a hard copy of these details and take it to your bank.


7. When making the payment, your bank MUST put the conference name AMS2011 and the ‘invoice number’, and your paper ID very clearly as reference, this is the code the bank must use to send the payment to EDAS bank:


AMS2011, 8021-145004, # your paper 10 digit ID no. here


For example, if you paper ID is 1569054321, then your bank must put the code below on your payment document:


AMS2011, 8021-145004, #1569054321


8. Your bank will give you a payment receipt showing the details of the amount and payee etc. You must scan this document and upload it into EDAS and email a copy to:


as proof of payment.


9. REMEMBER: NO payment (or payment proof for bank transfer) received by the set deadline means your paper will NOT be in the Proceedings.


If you have problems meeting this deadline email immediately.


Best wishes and look forward to meeting you at the conference.

AMS2011 Chairs.