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Events in 2015


ISMS2015: 9/12 February, KL/Bali

UKSim2015: 25 - 27 March, Cambridge, UK

CICSyN2015: 3-5 June, Riga, Latvia

CIMSim2015: 27/30 July, Kuantan

ICAIET2015: end of August, Pisa (to be confirmed)

AMS2015: end of September, Langkawi (to be confirmed)

EMS2015: 27 - 29 October, Madrid (to be confirmed)

AIMS2015: 1 - 3 December, Kota Kinabalu

Events in 2014

ISMS2014: Langkawi, completed.

UKSim2014: Cambridge, completed.

SIMS2014: Sheffield, completed.

CICSyN2014: Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, completed.

AMS2014: Asia Modelling Symposium 2013, 23 – 25 September, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur, completed.

                  EMS2014: European Modelling Symposium, 21 – 23 October, Pisa, completed.

AIMS2014: Artificial Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation, 18 – 20 November, Madrid, completed.

ICAIET2014: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Application in  Engineering & Technology 2014,

3-5 December, Kota Kinabalu, completed.

Events in 2013

AIMS2013: 3 – 5 December 2013, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Island of Borneo), Malaysia

EMS2013: 20 - 22 November 2013, Manchester

CIMSim2013: 25 - 27 September 2013, South Korea

EUROSIM2013: 10 – 13 September, Cardiff, UK

AMS2013: 23 – 25 July 2013, Hong Kong/Kuala Lumpur 

CICSyN2013: 5 – 7 June, Madrid, Spain

UKSim2013: 10 – 12 April 2013, Cambridge University (Emmanuel College) UK

ISMS2013: 29 – 31 January 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Events in 2012

ISI2012 (papers included in EMS2012 proceedings), 19 – 21 November 2012, Bandung, Indonesia

EMS2012, 14 – 16 November 2012, Malta

CIMSim2012, 25 - 27 September 2012, Kuantan, Malaysia

CICSyN2012: 24 – 26 July 2012, Phuket, Thailand

AMS2012: 29 - 31 May 2012, Bali, Indonesia 

UKSim2012: 28 - 30 March 2012, Cambridge University (Emmanuel College) UK

ISMS2012: 8 – 10 February 2012, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Island of Borneo), Malaysia

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Joint Forces Simulation & Training, 25 - 26 January 2012, London

Venue: Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

URL Link:


Events in 2011

ICI2011, 12 – 14 December 2011, Bandung, Indonesia

EMS2011, 16 – 18 November 2011, Madrid, Spain

CIMSim2011, 20 - 22 September 2011, Langkawi, Malaysia

CICSyN2011: 26 – 28 July 2011, Bali, Indonesia

AMS2011: 23 May 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 26 -27 May 2011, Manila, Philippines 

UKSim2011: 30 March – 1 April 2011, Cambridge University (Emmanuel College) UK

ISMS2011: 24 January 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 27-8 January 2011, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Events in 2010

EMS2010, 17 – 19 November 2010, Pisa, Italy

CIMSim2010, 28 – 30 September 2010, Bali, Indonesia

CICSyN2010: 28-30 July 2010, Liverpool, UK

AMS2010: 26-28 May 2010, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia 

UKSim2010: 24-26 March 2010, Cambridge University (Emmanuel College) UK

ISMS2010:  27-29 January 2010, Liverpool, UK

Joint Forces Simulation & Training, 26-27 January 2010, Hilton Kensington, London,

Events in 2009

EMS2009 European Modelling Symposium 2009, 25 – 27 November, Athens, Greece

CSSim2009 Computational Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation 2009, 7 – 9 September, Brno, Czech Republic

CICSyN2009, Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks 2009: 23 – 25 July, Indore, India

AMS2009 Asia Modelling Symposium 2009: 25/26 – 29 May 2009, Bandung and Bali, Indonesia

UKSim2009 25-27 March 2009, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK

Events in 2007 and 2008

EMS2008 European Modelling Symposium 2008: 8 – 10 September 2008, Liverpool, UK

AMS2008 Asia Modelling Symposium 2008, 13-15 May 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EUROSIM/UKSim2008, 1-3 April 2008, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK

AMS2007 Asia Modelling Symposium 2007, 27-30 March 2007, Phuket, Thailand

Special Session: Innovations in Simulation and Intelligent Models, 4th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology

November 18-20, 2007, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


Int. Journal of SIMULATION: Systems, Science & Technology


 UKSim is a member of EUROSIM the Federation of European Simulation Societies




Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS)

European Website-1


Operational Research Society

Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)

The Engineering Council


Enterprise Dynamics

Ns : public domain Simulator for TCP/IP networks at packet level

TANGRAM-II : public domain General discrete event simulator

CLASS, ANCLES : public domain Cell level ATM network simulator

GloMoSim : public domain Simulator for ad hoc wireless networks

QualNet : Commercial Simulator for wireless & wired networks

DASSF : public domain Simulator for large networks

Simics : license, publications, Electronic reprints, features

simulates target computers at the instruction set level


International Journal of Simulation Systems Science & Technology

Simulation Practice and Theory

Simulation News Europe


Introduction to Simulation

UKSim organises, co-organises and sponsors conferences, the most recent have been:


European Modelling Symposium 2008: Liverpool, 8 – 10 September 2008

Asia Modelling Symposium 2008: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 13-15 May 2008

EUROSIM/UKSim2008: Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1-3 April 2008

Asia Modelling Symposium 2007 (UKSim 2007), 27-29 March 2007, Phuket, Thailand

EMS2006, 11-12 September 2006, University College London

ECMS 2006, Bonn, 1-4 June 2006

UKSim 2006, Oriel College, Oxford, 4-6 April 2006, Programme   Preface

UKSim 2005, St John’s College, Oxford, 6-8 April 2005

UKSim 2004, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 29-31 March 2004

UKSim2003, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 9-11th April 2003

UKSim2001, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 28-30th March 2001

UKSim'99, St Catharine's College, Cambridge, 7-9th April 1999

Workshops held recently



VTB 2004

Virtual Test Bed Workshop
3 September 2004
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

With the Operational Research Society, at

University College London, 29th October 1999

Brunel, 13th July 1999


9th May 2001


12th April 2000

UKSim Membership Application


UKSim: * offers support on all aspects of simulation work

* publishes papers on simulation

Members of the UKSim are found in most areas of simulation work, including:

* simulators in the aircraft, marine, and other training field

* engineering simulation in aerospace, automotive, and other industries

* factory and manufacturing simulation in the Operational Research tradition

* fundamental work on methodologies for continuous, discrete, and hybrid approaches

* application of novel approaches such as Artificial Intelligence and Graphical Interfaces

Members of UKSim come from all the different parts of the profession, including researchers, software vendors, end users, and consultants. This blend of people is a vital ingredient in the success of the Society and its future growth.

UKSim's annual conferences are held in different venues across the UK, Europe and Asia, as are smaller but more frequent meetings focused on specific topics. Papers presented at UKSim conferences are published as formal documents with ISBNs through the IEEE Computer Society and appear in IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) and IEEE-Xplore.


UKSim was formed in 1991 (originally using the acronym UKSS) as a result of the realignment of modelling and simulation activities in the UK within the then newly formed EUROSIM Federation of European Simulation Societies, publisher of Simulation News Europe.

UKSim welcomes members from every part of the modelling and simulation profession. If you would like to join UKSim, please return the card opposite. We look forward to hearing from you.

UKSim Membership Application

I wish to join UKSim and enclose my first year's subscription of £20. (Please make cheques payable to: "UKSim")

Title, first name and surname


Correspondence Address




Interests in Simulation


Projects worked on






Please complete, print and return this form, with your subscription, to:

Prof. David Al-Dabass

Computing & Informatics

Nottingham Trent University

Clifton lane


NG11 8NS


Many more simulation links can be found on EUROSIM pages.

The UK Modelling & Simulation Society (UKSim) is the national UK society for all aspects of modelling and simulation, including continuous, discrete event, software and hardware. It is also the English speaking society within the EUROSIM European Simulation Federation of simulation societies.

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